Tara's Must-Haves Dream Clean Bundle


Tara Tesher has been a leader in the stoneware industry for over 17 years.  Her mission of gathering around the table goes back to her childhood in upstate NY.

Her Mom and Dad instilled in her that every family should be able to sit down to a wonderful meal together, no matter how busy their day is. So, Tara designed temp-tations® Family of Brands to help you and your family get back to enjoying that priceless time together.

When you try our products, you’ll see beautifully designed ovenware and accessories that simplify your life, help you cook effortlessly, and create a gorgeous table that makes anytime special. Not only will the food taste better, but you might just notice that the smiles are wider, the conversation heartier, and the kitchen is a brighter place not just at meal time, but all the time.


The Dream Clean Bundle includes Miracle Cleaning Paste with three microfiber towels and a 16oz. stainless steel cleaner with three towelettes to help you get the job done. The paste has a pumice-like feel to it that helps clean off your surfaces from things like burnt-on grease to ordinary stains that you may have in your home.

Use the included microfiber cloths to clean: one side is slightly abrasive to help remove stains while the softer side can help clean off the residue when you’re done.  Finish your chores with our Stainless Steel Cleaner to resist fingerprints, streaking and smudges leaving a long-lasting brilliant shine! Impress yourself, your family and your guests with a happy, healthy home, always.

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