Tara's Must-Haves Star Stitched Serve, Slice & Spice Set

Tara Tesher has been a leader in the stoneware industry for over 17 years. Her mission of gathering around the table goes back to her childhood in upstate NY.

Her Mom and Dad instilled in her that every family should be able to sit down to a wonderful meal together, no matter how busy their day is. So, Tara designed temp-tations® Family of Brands to help you and your family get back to enjoying that priceless time together.

When you try our products, you’ll see beautifully designed ovenware and accessories that simplify your life, help you cook effortlessly, and create a gorgeous table that makes anytime special. Not only will the food taste better, but you might just notice that the smiles are wider, the conversation heartier, and the kitchen is a brighter place not just at meal time, but all the time.


Tara's Must-Haves Star Stitched-Serve, Slice & Spice Set

Tara's Must-Haves Star Stitched Serve, Slice & Spice Set

Star Stitched 11x7 Unlimit-lid & 12" Oval Unlimit-lid with Slice & Share

Set your table in Americana style! Your options are truly limitless with this trio. You can prepare and bake with these unlimit-lids, then take it right to the table and serve anything up in style! Without all the extra steps and equipment, cleanup is a breeze. The Unlimit-lid can be used as a trivet, cutting board, serving platter, or even a baker on its own! Add in my slice n’ share and you can cut and serve in one easy step!

This item includes:
  • (1) 11x7 Unlimit-lid
  • (1) 12" Oval Unlimit-lid
  • (1) Slice & Share

Spice Spice Baby

Looking to spice it up a tad in your kitchen? Tara’s Pantry has you covered!  Our collection of Spice, Spice Baby Spice Blends covers it all with four quality spice blends, one for pork and poultry, one for beef, one for seafood, and one for anything you want!  Cooking should be fun, so feel free to experiment. Let your imagination lead, and a terrific meal will follow!

This item includes:
  • (4) Spice Jars
    • (1) Seas the Day 2.9 oz
    • (1) Beef It Up 5 oz
    • (1) Up for Anything 4.6 oz.
    • (1) Pepped Up Pork and Poultry 6.7 oz