10 Ways to Use Ramekins

10 Ways to Use Ramekins

Of all the pieces that I have in my collection, the ones I get the most questions about are my ramekins. Here are some of the questions that are frequently asked…

What is a ramekin?

Can I bake in a ramekin?

How do you spell ramekin? 😂

What can I do with a ramekin?

Why do I need ramekins?


These are all really great questions… So let me answer them!

According to the dictionary, a ramekin is:

ramekin /ˈraməkən/ (plural ramekins)

  1. (cooking) A small glass or earthenware dish, often white and circular, in which food is baked and served.
  2. A cheese- or meat-based dish baked in a small mold.


And now here’s my definition:

A ramekin is an essential, everyday piece that everyone needs in their kitchen! 

Warning: Once you start using ramekins, they are addictive 😄  because you start to realize that, although they are mini bowls…they are mighty amazing to have and true workhorses in your kitchen and throughout your home!

P.S. I believe ramekins can be SO much more than “white and circular”! 


Here are 10 ways that you can use ramekins in your kitchen and home.

By the way, there are many different patterns, colors, and sizes to choose from. You can check out my complete ramekins collection on temptations.com


  1. The perfect addition to any charcuterie board. Layer a few ramekins in with your meats and cheeses, fill them with olives, spreads and more.
  2. Looking for the perfect portion control idea? Adding your fave snacks into ramekins is a great way to keep track of how much you eat. Plus, these small bowls are so pretty, you’ll be treating yourself to a beautiful snacking experience
  3. Looking for a great gift? Use some clear cello to wrap one, two, or more ramekins filled with candies, nuts, bath salts or even a gift card. Don’t forget to add a ribbon!
  4. Want to wow your guests? Try baking individual desserts in ramekins. Did someone say chocolate lava cake? ❤️  Temp-tations ramekins are all oven-safe up to 500° F, so they’re the perfect bowls for individual-sized baked treats. Ramekins are also perfect for cold desserts. Here’s a recipe for Blender Chocolate Mousse that is served in (you guessed it) beautiful ramekins
  5. These little bowls are the perfect size for all your dipping sauces. Whether it’s condiments for your main dishes, soy sauce for your sushi or melted chocolate for your strawberries, these dishes are sure to please!
  6. Ramekins are also perfect tea light candle holders. I like to add some tea lights, or other small candles, in several ramekins and place them down the center of my holiday table, layered in with my greens and a few sparkly ornaments. The flickering candles and charming patterns on the little bowls add warmth and glow to a table scape.
  7. I always have a ramekin in my powder room and next to my kitchen sink. They’re perfect for keeping rings and other jewelry safe while I wash my hands or dishes. Some ramekins even come with lids, which makes them ideal for storing cotton balls and more.
  8. Feeling like you have a green thumb? Fill your ramekin with a small succulent. Place on a coffee table or bookshelf to add a touch of greenery to your home.
  9. Baking holiday cookies or cupcakes with the kiddos or grandkids? Place all your sprinkles, garnishes and more in your ramekins to help make decorating easy breezy. They’ll love seeing their decoration choices lined up in front of them. Here’s a recipe for adorable Santa Claus Sugar Cookies. We keep our sprinkles and other decorations organized in ramekins so the decorating at the end is a piece of cake! 
  10. It’s comfort cooking season! Individual chicken or beef pot pies or mac & cheese bowls will warm your soul (and stomach)! When you cook and serve these yummy meals in larger ramekins, your friends and family will be delighted. When the meal is finished, simply pop your temp-tations ramekins in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.