Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Towels

Tara Tesher

It's Time to Refresh your Nest!

Who says towels can’t be pretty and practical? My set of four microfiber towels are beautifully decorated in temp-tations' classic patterns and colors, and they're true workhorses in your kitchen and around your home! Choosing a fresh set of towels  in the new year is a simple way to refresh your home, and this set will also make keeping your home fresh easier and maybe even more enjoyable.

They are incredibly absorbent and make cleaning easy breezy… with cleaning products optional! Yes, that's right! Microfiber towels have an ability to thoroughly clean your surfaces without the use of cleaning products. So if you're looking for a non-chemical way to clean your countertops, tables, and other surfaces, you should give these towels a try!

And because they are so pretty, they are perfect to use and display in the powder room and kitchen. Keep them in a pretty basket on your counter so they're always close at hand for wiping up spills and messes. Because my microfiber towels are machine wash and tumble dry, they are reusable, so say goodbye to paper towels! That's a great way to save and be a little kinder to Mother Earth. 

Use them for handling hot cookware lids or as a quick trivet to keep your counters safe from hot pots or pans. They make a terrific drying space for your fragile stemware. Plus, I have never found a better towel for drying that stemware... talk about a streak- and lint-free sparkle! 
There are so many uses for my microfiber towels! I also love them for wiping dust from electronics, drying hands after washing, and cleaning my windows. I've even heard these microfiber towels are amazing for drying hair and removing makeup! 

When we clean, we want the right tools at an affordable value that we can count on to get the job done. I'm sure you'll find many, many uses for these towels around your home, you might even want to get a few sets!

Here are a few more ideas for how to use these microfiber towels!

  • Clean kitchen spills and countertops. They are your new kitchen helper

  • Clean glass and reflective surfaces. Because they leave a streak-free finish, microfiber cloths are perfect to use on reflective surfaces

  • Perfect size to hang from your oven door or dishwasher

  • Dry your hand wash pieces

  • Layer them into baskets for a designer touch

    They pair perfectly with my Metal Serving & Organizing Basket with Stoneware Trivet
    to create a beautiful presentation for your next pasta bake with enough bread and rolls for all.

  • Powder room refresh & organization and more...

  • kitchen decor and more...

  • Perfect to clean your TVs, cell phones, computers and more...