Get All Set to Gather Together

Get All Set to Gather Together

It's Time to Gather Together Again

    Whether you're preparing for a big holiday celebration or you're planning a more intimate meal, it's easy to get your home and dining table all set for every occasion. Here are a few simple steps to help you get started setting your table and preparing for your special meal.

    Step 1: Set your table in elegant and effortless style with our delightful dinnerware sets. These pieces create a great foundation for other dining table decorating ideas. Choose a great basic set in a neutral color if you're limited on storage space. That way, you'll be able to use one dinnerware set for everyday and add some festive touches for holidays.

    If you're lucky enough to have space to store special seasonal dinnerware sets, then choose a set for your fave holidays! Fun fact: It's ok to mix and match everyday dinnerware and seasonal sets--just layer the different pieces together!

    Step 2: Next, add some additional atmosphere to your table with gorgeous drinkware pieces. Seasonal mugs and glasses add a touch of extra specialness to your table. It's a very affordable way to add holiday touches to your meal. 

    Step 3: When you bake in Temp-tations ceramic stoneware baking dishes, you save time and effort because you can mix, bake and serve all in one piece! So serve up your casseroles, side dishes and main courses in our classic or seasonal bakeware so you can truly relax and enjoy your meal with your family and friends.

    Hot tip: Choosing a neutral bakeware set will ensure you have a coordinated look throughout the year. Simply adding a holiday-themed baker or bowl will add festive flair.

    Step 4: Tie it all together with coordinated table runners, washable placemats, cloth napkins and other accessories. Particularly when you have a more neutral dinnerware set, you'll want to add seasonal details with various table accessories. Adding festive (and washable) placemats and table runners to your table is an effort-free way to make your table so pretty while protecting your surfaces. 

    Finally: Serve up a special meal! Delight your family and friends with your signature dish or try something new. When you gather around the table together, everything tastes better. Need some inspiration? Visit the Temp-tations recipes page for some of my favorite foods. You can also join my recipe group on Facebook to share your ideas with the Temp-tations community. 

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