How to Use This Super Bowl Set for Your Big Game Party

How to Use This Super Bowl Set for Your Big Game Party


Whether you are a diehard football fan or someone who just likes a reason to gather with friends, you are probably aware that the Big Game is coming soon. Even if your fave team isn’t playing, it’s always fun to gather a few people together to watch the game (and those commercials!)… and everyone knows watching the game is always better with some tasty snacks! To help you prepare some treats for your guests that are as attractive as they are delicious, I’ve put together a few tips below. I’ve also added a tip at the end so you can be the perfect party guest!


Just because it’s a Big Game football party, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish! My large pasta/salad bowl is a super bowl for party food, like wings, salads, pasta bake and more. Temp-tations high quality ceramic stoneware makes the perfect serving bowls for parties because the stoneware helps maintain your food’s temperature. So, it’s easy to keep your hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

Your table will be beautifully coordinated, whether you are hosting a larger gathering or just a smaller party with your immediate family or closest friends. Simply pop the bowl into the refrigerator in advance to keep that salad cool and fresh, or warm up those spicy wings in the microwave or oven if they get too cool.

The right tablescape can really make the party sparkle. For the Big Game, I like using serving pieces in neutral colors like grey or taupe so my other decorations with the team’s colors take center stage. I add large platters of delicious sandwiches, small bowls or ramekins with dips and sauces, and my favorite large pasta serving bowl filled with tasty pasta salad, along with small bunches of flowers in tall vases (in each of the team’s colors, of course) on the main dining table to create a stunning and enticing tablescape.

Insider tip: For larger gatherings, it’s a good idea to set up several smaller food and drink stations to evenly distribute people traffic around your party space. Plus, it helps guests mingle and not all gather in the kitchen. (Why does that always happen? ☺️)

Another fun idea for your game day party is creating a DIY popcorn bar. Fill a large serving bowl with fresh popcorn (plain from the air popper works best for this idea). Then, provide various seasonings and hot melted butter for your guests. They’ll have fun creating their own popcorn treats in in sweet and savory combinations.

Not hosting the party? Take a host or hostess gift, wrapped in some cellophane and tied with ribbons in their favorite team’s colors. You could also bring along one of your specialty recipes in a ceramic stoneware bowl and leave with your hosts as a thoughtful thank you present.