Small Bowls Sets: Perfect for Serving, Mixing, Baking & More

Small Bowls Sets: Perfect for Serving, Mixing, Baking & More


I absolutely love sets of small bowls like this nesting bowls set. The elegant, decorative silhouette of these bowls and their varied sizes allow them to become some of the most functional pieces in your kitchen and home. From holding cocktail garnishes to votive candles, these little bowls can do almost everything.

Who doesn't love a charcuterie board? A large platter or wooden board covered in a variety of cheeses, fruits, olives, spreads, nuts, meats and more--I simply can't think of a more crowd-pleasing array of foods for your next party or gathering. But sometimes those presentations of tasty treats can look a bit... flat. I use coordinating sets of small bowls to, not only contain smaller foods like nuts and dried fruits, but add height and drama to my charcuterie. 

In the examples here, I've used the largest bowls for juicy red cherries and roasted peppers, while the smaller bowls contain a nut mix and a delicious spread. I love how the hand-painted details and colors on the bowls ties the overall look of my charcuterie board together. 


Ranging in capacity from 8 oz to 14 oz, these versatile serving bowls can hold dips, sides, desserts, and more for a beautifully coordinated table whether you are hosting a larger gathering or having a cozy family meal. 

This past Thanksgiving, I used my red Floral Lace set of bowls on my dining table to hold sugared cranberries (aren't they so pretty?), cranberry relish, and piping hot gravy. Because these bowls are made from temp-tations ceramic stoneware, I was able to prep the cranberry relish in advance and keep it chilled in the refrigerator until mealtime. The stoneware helps retain the cold, so the relish stayed chilled throughout dinner. 

Conversely, I actually warmed the gravy bowl for a bit, then it helped keep the gravy toasty hot. If it started to cool off, I was able to give it a quick minute or two in the microwave. I just love how easy (and beautiful) it is to make, store and serve in these dishes!


Because this set of nesting bowls has a pedestal design, they might, at first glance, seem formal or perhaps a little fussy. But let me tell you, they can also handle a chilled-out, super relaxed, Taco Tuesday. I love a DIY taco bar with all the fixings, like cheese, salsa, chopped cilantro, guacamole, and spicy peppers, served up in individual bowls. Their wide, shallow design means it's easy to scoop out whatever you fancy for your taco. Don't forget to reserve one bowl for lime wedges for your cerveza! 😉


Ok, let's talk celebrations... Maybe you have a birthday party coming up, and you're planning an ice cream sundae bar. Or perhaps your kids or grandkids absolutely need to decorate their own cupcakes. Well, having a set of small bowls to hold those toppings is absolutely essential. These little dishes help keep everything visible and easily accessible, and just might help avoid messes and spills!


These small bowls are for more than just food! Turn one or two upside-down and use the foot as a votive candle holder. It elevates the candle, so it would be perfect for layering into your holiday tablescape, surrounded by fresh greens and bowls of treats. I love how the hand-painting on the underside of the bowls takes center stage when they are turned over. It feels extra special. 


Like many people, I keep a small bowl near my sink to hold jewelry while I wash dishes or my hands. But I also like to keep messy hand soap bottles in a bowl. I have found this helps with those puddles that always seem to form around the soap.

Want to know a little secret? I have several sets of different colors and patterns of these bowls, and I change them out whenever I want a quick and easy (and inexpensive) way to refresh the look of my kitchen counter. Red Floral Lace for the holiday season, taupe Old World for autumn, blue during the winter... you get the idea!


Looking for away to jazz up your home bar? These bowls are the perfect size and shape for cocktail garnishes and light snacks. The stoneware is a lovely contrast to the various glassware pieces, so it all looks stunning together. I also love mixing in warm wood pieces like butcher block or solid wood cutting boards. Then, adding a simple vase of fresh flowers makes a beautiful finishing touch. 

    I hope you find these ideas for using sets of small bowls inspiring and helpful in your own kitchen and around your home.