Temp-tations Blog: 10 Epic Football Party Food Ideas

10 Epic Big Game Party Food Ideas

There is just something about the biggest football game of the year, the main event… (wink, wink) you know what game I’m talking about... that makes me want to host an epic party for my family and friends. I love thinking of creative, new, super football party food ideas that will wow my guests while ensuring no one goes hungry during the Big Game! To help you host your own game day party, I have assembled some of my favorite recipes – from dips to sides, football finger foods to desserts, I have it all covered to take you all the way to game-day hosting victory!

And did I mention how easy my recipes are? I know all you busy party hosts out there are looking for simple hacks and quick tips for making easy game day foods, so I’ve selected these recipes that are super impressive without being super complicated to make! One of my favorite hacks for easy game day foods is combining pre-made ingredients with homemade touches. It’s an incredible way to save time while you make amazing snacks for your Big Game Day party. I hope you’ll enjoy my top 10 recipes for your party. Don’t forget to share your photos and success stories on my Temp-tations by Tara Facebook page (I would love to see them)!

3 Quick & Easy Snacks and Appetizers

There’s nothing easier to make for a party than a big plate of loaded nachos, but if you’re looking for an interesting new twist, try my Loaded Potato Chips recipe. This appetizer will be a huge hit at your party because they combine all that is delicious and wonderful about loaded potato skins, but they are as easy to make as a platter of nachos.

Temp-tations recipe: Loaded Potato Chips for your Super Football Game Day party

Popcorn and sporting events just go together. That’s why I am sharing my Popcorn Palooza recipe collection with you! There are both sweet and savory options and each is so simple to make, it would be completely possible to make all 4 for your Big Game party snacks. These recipes are great choices for vegetarian party snacks, too.

Temp-tations Recipes: Popcorn Palooza Collection for your Super Football Game Day party

I always make a super bowl of my famous guacamole for parties. It's a relatively inexpensive, hearty appetizer and it just takes a few minutes to put together. Just combine it with your favorite brand of chips and serve on a gorgeous chip & dip platter. Why buy the pre-made stuff in a jar when you can quickly mix up your own that's prettier and tastier?

Temp-tations Recipe: Tara's Famous Garlicky Guacamole for your Super Football Game Day Party

5 Delicious Main Bites & Sides

Adorable and so fun, my Game Day Mini Pizzas allow you to make up a variety of choices to please even your pickiest eaters. Simply take some pre-made mini pizza crusts (such as Boboli, English muffins, pita bread, sandwich rounds, etc.), then get creative with veggies, meats, sauces, and cheeses to whip up a whole host of these little buddies. Display them on a beautiful serving tray, and you’ll be party-ready in no time!

Temp-tations Recipe: Game Day Mini Pizzas for your Super Football Game Day party

When you are short of time, and you still need a dynamite dish to feed a hungry crowd, try my Mama Mancini’s Meatball Sliders. I love using the Mama Mancini pre-made meatballs, but you can substitute your favorite brand of pre-cooked and frozen meatballs and sauce. These little sandwiches are pretty much the perfect handheld party food.

Temp-tations Recipe: Mama Mancini's Meatball Sliders for your Super Football Game Day party

Nothing screams ‘football party food’ like wings. My Spicy Orange Chicken Wings recipe is a lightened-up twist on traditional hot wings without sacrificing a little zesty spice. I know not everyone has the patience (or desire) to fuss over perfectly frying wings, so these are baked! Just a few easy steps to prep, pop them in the oven to bake, then serve a heap of mouthwatering wings to your hungry football fans.

Temp-tations Recipe: Spicy Orange Chicken Wings for your Super Football Game Day party

Seriously, I am hungry just thinking about this amazing Cheeseburger Bites recipe. Each is baked in an individual ramekin dish, so they’re incredibly easy to make and serve. When you really want to impress, I recommend topping these with football-themed party picks. It will add a little flair and make these the MVF (most valuable food) for your super football game day party.

Temp-tations Recipe: Cheeseburger Sliders for your Super Football Game Day party 

My German Beer Mac n’ Cheese recipe combines just about everything that’s great in the world… pasta, bacon, cheese and beer to make one of the best side dishes you’ll ever serve. Mix, bake, and serve it in any Temp-tations 1.5-qt casserole baking dish, and you’ll save on clean-up time, too! This is a great make-ahead option, so it’s perfect for bringing to a Big Game day party, too.

Temp-tations Recipe: German Beer Mac n' Cheese for your Super Football Game Day party 

2 Simple Sweet Dessert Treats

Hosts with the most, don’t fret! I’ve got easy desserts for your game day party too. These Chubby Hubby Bars are sweet, salty, and totally yummy. If you want to take them to the next level, use a football-shaped cookie cutter after they’re baked and cooled. Finally, my Toffee Bars are a terrific hand-held dessert, so your guests won’t miss a minute of the game. Don’t forget to add sprinkles in the colors of your team!
Temp-tations Recipe: Chubby Hubby Dessert Bars for your Super Football Game Day party


Temp-tations Recipe: Toffee Dessert Bars for your Super Football Game Day party